'Deduct diesel subsidy of boats engaged bull trawling'

'Deduct diesel subsidy of boats engaged bull trawling'

District In-charge Secretary M Maheshwar Rao directed the fisheries department to deduct the subsidy on diesel of those boats engaged in bull trawling and fishing with powerful LED lights. 

“Bull trawl fishing and fishing using lights had been banned by the government. But many boats are engaged in bull trawling and fishing using lights. Thus strict action should be initiated against those who violate the rules,” Maheshwar Rao stressed at the district-level meeting organised at deputy commissioner’s office on Wednesday.

The government will also bring in amendments to Karnataka Marine Act, for initiating an action like deducting diesel subsidy, hefty fine, suspending license among others, Rao said. He said the transportation of generator for engaging in light fishing should be prevented at the harbour itself. All boats should install a boat tracking system to trace the boats in the deep sea, he added. 

Maheshwar Rao sought details on the construction of working women’s hostel in Udupi and also about malnourished children in the district. 

Udupi Deputy Commissioner Jagadeesh directed officials to provide marketing support for `Mattu Gulla’ (local brinjal) and Udupi jasmine. Measures should be taken to implement permanent drinking water projects in areas where water was supplied to residents through tankers a year ago, he added.