Deifying Modi not a good development: Kalladka

Deifying Modi not a good development: Kalladka

RSS Dakshina Madhya Kshetriya Executive Committee member Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat (centre) takes part in the ‘Sneha Milana’ programme in Madikeri on Saturday.

BJP candidates seeking votes in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a good development, said RSS Dakshina Madhya Kshetriya Executive Committee member Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.

He has also warned that this could prove dear to the BJP in the future.

He was speaking to reporters during the ‘Sneha Milana’ programme organised by the RSS at the Bal Bhavan in Madikeri on Saturday.

MPs’ achievements

Kalladka said, “Although the Lok Sabha elections should focus on the achievements of the members of the Parliament, the votes are being sought in the name of Modi. The MPs should also speak about their respective achievements.”

He went on stress, “Deifying Modi is not a good gesture. RSS does not believe in deification.”

Speaking further, he said, “The BJP has the face of Modi for the PM candidate. In the Mahagathbandhan, however, there is no face for the PM candidate.”

Kalladka said that credit being attributed to Modi for the surgical strike has become a headache for the Opposition. “There is no doubt that Modi has made India proud and his achievements have brought a special stature to the nation on the world platform. Did the Congress leaders not refer to India Gandhi as ‘Durga’ when India fought against Pakistan on behalf of Bangladesh in 1971,” Kalladka questioned.

‘Calamity a lesson’

“I wish there is no natural calamity similar to what
occurred in Kodagu last August. Nature’s curse has proven costly for the people of the district. Sometimes, natural calamities act as a warning bell,” Kalladka reminded.

He further said that Nature poses challenges before people. One should endure the pain and keep moving forward. The victims should be confident, earn their livelihood and work honestly, he said.

“The RSS opened relief centres by the name of ‘Seva Bharati’ during the natural calamity, to extend helping hand for the victims. The institutions run by the RSS in Kodagu offer free education to the children of the victims of natural calamity,” he said.

‘RSS linked to politics’

Stating that the RSS’ objective is social work, Kalladka called it sad that the RSS is being portrayed as a political organisation. “Even after 70 years of Independence, there is a lack of infrastructure in the country. Health, mannerism and education are important for a person, according to the RSS, and it has been working towards providing the same to the people,” he stated.

“Even though the RSS faced brickbats a few years ago, it has been steadfast in its aim to provide basic facilities to the last person of society,” he added.

“During the plane crash in Rajasthan, RSS volunteers carried out voluntary work to rescue the casualties. Most of the passengers in the flight were Muslims. The volunteers’ work was appreciated by many, including Congress leader C M Ibrahim,” Kalladka pointed out.

RSS leader Chandran said that around 10 relief centres were opened by the RSS during the natural calamity in Kodagu.

Dr Krishna Bhat, Ganapathy Hegde, Seetharam and Udoth Chandru were present at the press meet.