Delicate hanging bridge connects two villages

Delicate hanging bridge connects two villages

The delicate hanging bridge that connects Mathgar in Koppa and Bandhadlu in Theerthahalli taluk.

A delicate hanging footbridge across Brahmi rivulet is the only connectivity between two border villages, Mathgar and Bandhadlu, in Koppa and Theerthahalli.

Mathgar is situated in Siddaramata in Kesave Gram Panchayat while Bandhadlu is situated in Shedgar Gram Panchayat in Theerthahalli taluk.

Though the bridge looks beautiful from a distance, a walk on it would leave one in jitters.

Walking on the delicate hanging bridge is a tricky act. A slight slip would mean falling into the water flowing below. The residents hold their life in their hand while crossing the bridge.

Ranganath, a resident said, “Schoolchildren have to use this delicate bridge to cross the rivulet to reach their schools. Villagers have to use this bridge to collect firewood, drinking water and to graze the cows.” 

S Shashidhar of Siddaramata said, “It is a Herculean task to carry patients on this bridge to reach the hospital in case of emergency. Owing to lack of connectivity, Bandhadlu residents are forced to travel to Theerthahalli through Mrigavadhe, in spite of Koppa town situated close by.”