Dilapidated bridge a danger for users

Dilapidated bridge a danger for users

The bridge that connects Katiganare and Abbinaholalu in Ajjampura lacks a railing.

The bridge connecting Katiganare and Abbinaholalu villages proves dangerous for use by motorists as it lacks railing.

The bridge is in a dilapidated condition. The cement used in the construction of the bridge has eroded. The pier of the bridge too is dilapidated. There are potholes on the surface of the bridge and the iron rods are protruding from the surface – both of which are inconveniencing the motorists.

The pillars of the bridge have become weak. The lack of railings add to the danger to the users on the bridge.

The residents of Abbinaholalu, M Hosahalli and Bankanagatte have been using the bridge. School vans as well as vehicles carrying grains to the anganwadis and ration shops use the bridge. In addition, it is used by the vehicles hired by farmers to transport onions, chillies, groundnut and jowar to the market.

A B Veerabhadrappa, a resident of Abbinaholalu, said, “The authorities should take measures to construct a new bridge. Railings too should be provided to the bridge.”