DLSA programme to prevent drug abuse by youth

DLSA programme to prevent drug abuse by youth

Kadluru Sathyanarayana Acharya, DLSA chairman and district and sessions judge, interacts with stakeholders on preventing youth from becoming victims of drug abuse.

The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), in association with professional colleges, will organise legal awareness programmes to deter students from becoming victims of drug abuse.

“The DLSA decided to organise such awareness programmes, following increasing instances of youth becoming addicted to ganja and drugs,” DLSA chairman and district and sessions judge Kadluru Sathyanarayana Acharya, said.

He was presiding over a meeting of stakeholders organised to ratify the implementation of the authority’s action plan.

He said, “Increasing incidences of drug abuse have left parents apprehensive about enrolling their children in educational institutions across the district. Thus, the need of the hour is for educational institutions, parents and officers to be pro-active on tackling the drug menace on campus.”

The judge also patted the police for having doubled the arrest of youth involved in selling drugs. “Police should actively monitor the movements of such youth to ensure that they do not return to selling drugs. The parents of the youth arrested for selling drugs should be summoned to the police stations and given counselling,” he added.

Bus drivers’ behaviour

Acharya informed that there were increasing complaints from the public about unruly behaviour by private bus drivers and conductors. “The DLSA will also organise regular legal awareness programmes for personnel of private buses,” he said.

Dr Hilda Rayappan of Prajna Counselling Centre pointed out that there was no separate rehabilitation centre in Mangaluru for those addicted to drugs and ganja. Those abusing drugs are being enrolled in centres set up to rehabilitate alcoholics, she added.

“Substance abuse is different from being addicted to liquor. Thus, we need a dedicated centre particularly to rehabilitate children addicted to drugs,” Prof Rayappan stressed.

Acharya also informed members that awareness programmes against bonded labours and child labour system and for human rights celebrations, among others, were planned in December.

"A legal awareness camp also will be organised for the corporators elected to the Mangaluru City Corporation Council," he added.

DLSA Member Secretary Judge Gangadhar among others were also present at the meeting.

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