Do not glorify caste identity, says Sanehalli pontiff

Priests from various disciplines take out a rally in Madikeri on Monday as a part of ‘Matte Kalyana’ programme.

Hosadurga Sanehalli Mutt pontiff Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami lamented that caste identity is being glorified in society, instead of unity.

He was speaking at ‘Matte Kalyana’ conference organised at Kaveri Hall in Madikeri on Monday.

There must be a connect between our words and action. The imbalance will give rise to serious problems. The pioneers of Sharana movement envisaged a model society on the basis of this ideology. They maintained that all should be considered equal. The issues should be solved through wisdom. But the current developments where caste and region cards are played are unacceptable, the pontiff said.

Speaking on the significance of Vachana movement, intellect G N Nagaraj said that Matte Kalyana is a new concept for the nation, aimed at eliminating the caste oriented hierarchical system.

The vachana movement of the 12th century stressed on the work done by a person rather than his caste. The vachana composers said that when work becomes worship, all other criterion becomes secondary, he added.

Intellectual Dr K Sharifaa said that the Sufi saints dreamed of a society free of superstitions and tried to reestablish human values. Unfortunately, their aspirations are not fulfilled even after 900 years. Criticising the attitude of looking at Dalits and women as criminals, she said that they should be seen as human beings.

Kodava Samaja President K S Devaiah said that the administration should be non-political. No community should be treated as mere vote banks.

Artistes from Shivasanchara troupe sung vachana songs on the occasion.

A rally ‘Samarasya Nadige’ was taken out from Basaveshwara Temple to Kaveri Hall.

Amid rains, priests of various religions, elected representatives and students took part in the rally.

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