‘Driver’ surprises checkpost officers

‘Driver’ surprises checkpost officers

Yakshagana artiste Nilkod Shankar Hegde while in costume.

A photo of Yakshagana artiste Nilkod Shankar Hegde driving a car in costume went viral on social media.

Hegde, who shared his experience on driving in female costume, said, “After acting in a Yakshagana prasanga at Guddeyangadi in Udupi on the night of Ugadi, I had to rush for a performance in another prasanga in Ankola. As I was to be in female role in Ankola too, I retained my costume.”

The artiste added, “The polling officials at Madanagere checkpost were surprised by my attire, but were relieved when I explained the situation and even took a picture.”

Hegde said he uploaded the photograph taken by his wife on Facebook, which has received a high number of likes and shares.