Dubare elephant camp needs more facilities

Dubare elephant camp needs more amenities

Boating in River Cauvery in Dubare. DH File Photo

Dubare elephant camp, one of the favourite tourist destinations in Kodagu, has been facing a shortage of basic facilities.

The elephant camp set up in the Dubare reserve forest area in 1897 by the British, has now gained worldwide fame.

Rogue elephants captured from various locations are brought to the camp for taming.

The camp currently has 31 elephants. Hundreds of tourists visit Dubare camp to watch the activities of the pachyderms and joyfully take their videos and photographs.

Apart from the elephant camp, Dubare offers river rafting in Cauvery, water adventures, boat riding, horse riding, studying the lifestyle of tribals and the picturesque beauty of nature.

The forest department has given a new touch to the inspection bungalow in Dubare, for the benefit of the tourists.

Various development works have been carried out in the elephant camp as well.

However, a ban on water adventures such as river rafting and boat riding are still effective, due to Covid-19, and have come as a disappointment for the tourists.

Also, the elephant safari conducted by Jungle camp resort in Dubare island is discontinued for the past several years.

Owing to these reasons, the number of tourists to Dubare has dwindled over the years.

Projects stalled

The much-awaited project of the hanging bridge across River Cauvery in Dubare has been cancelled owing to the negligence of the public works department. The sanctioned grant has also been reverted.

Responding to the demand by the tourists, the government had sanctioned Rs 2.24 crore for the project. However, the project was scrapped even before it took off.

People in Dubare island have been urging the government to construct a hanging bridge across the river.

The people here are depending on mechanized boats of the forest department, to reach Nanjarayapattana for school, hospital, groceries and plantation work.

During the rainy season, it is very risky to cross the river. If the hanging bridge is built, the tourists can cross the river easily. Also, tourists can use the bridge.

The bridge will be useful for 45 tribal families.

Nanjarayapattana Gram Panchayat president C L Vishwa said that various measures have been taken by the Gram Panchayat to provide necessary facilities in Dubare.

Waste collection bins and toilets have been built. Usage of plastics has been totally banned, he added.

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