Dumping waste on roads, drains to cost dear in M’luru

Dumping waste on roads, drains to cost dear in M’luru

Officials of Mangaluru City Corporation collect fine from those who had dumped waste on the road in Mangaluru.

The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has started collecting fine from those who dump garbage recklessly on roads, vacant lands and into drains.

In the last few days, the officials of MCC have already collected a fine of Rs 25,000 from offenders. With this, the MCC has decided to strictly adhere to the guidelines.

The MCC health and environment section officials have been paying surprise visits to Kulur, Kavoor, Panjimogaru, Bunder, Lalbagh, Central Market and other areas in Mangaluru to trace those who dump waste beside the road and into the drains. The defaulters are fined on the spot itself.

As many as 14 health inspectors and four environment engineers are engaged in visiting various places to fine those who dump waste recklessly. Action will be initiated against all those who dump waste. If an individual dumps waste, then he will be slapped a fine of Rs 1,500. If waste is dumped in a locality by several persons, then fine of more than Rs 5,000 will be collected, said MCC Environment Engineer Madhu.

Fine is slapped on those who dump waste beside the road as per the sections of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act 1976 and Solid Waste Management bylaws 2018 for municipalities and municipal corporations. The fine amount varies from Rs 100 to Rs 25,000.

The MCC has taken steps to maintain cleanliness in its jurisdiction. As per the direction of the National Green Tribunal, the segregation of waste at source is being implemented from July 1.

The officials are engaged in creating awareness on segregation of wet and dry wastes at the source, said MCC Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Gayathri Nayak.

As per the initiative, the Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt Ltd collects the wet waste on all the days in a week (except on Friday) while the dry waste is collected on Friday from the households and business establishments.

By segregating the waste at source, the MCC is implementing Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, where households and business establishments should segregate the waste at source.