Ex-serviceman sets a trend through integrated farming

Ex-serviceman sets a trend through integrated farming

Someyanda Ganesh Thimmaiah, with his ‘Giriraja’ chicken in Gonikoppa.

Even though agriculture is considered by Indian farmers to be a gamble with climate, an ex-serviceman has fought against the odds and has set an example by successfully turning himself into an integrated farmer.

Someyanda Ganesh Thimmaiah from Nalluru village, after retiring from the Indian Army, took up agriculture in his own farm.

Along with cultivating coffee, he carried out paddy cultivation. Gradually, he developed an inclination towards other horticultural and commercial crops such as areca, coconut and pepper as well.

The requirement of water for coffee plantation made him construct a pond on his farm. Ganesh came across an idea and released thousands of fingerlings into the pond and kept on feeding the fish. Back then, he never had the wildest idea that pisciculture would be a major source of income for him.

He went further and started rearing ‘Giriraja’ variety of chicken. These chicken feed by themselves in a natural environment without any special care. Each chicken, weighing up to five to six kilos, fetches a handsome amount to the owner.

Today, Ganesh Thimmaiah is also tapping honey, through apiculture. The agricultural farm comprises of areca, coconut, mango, plantain, coffee, chilly and ginger.

Ganesh said he has been rearing cattle for manure and milk. He has been utilising cattle urine as an insecticide in paddy and ginger crops.

He tills the land himself and cleans the farm with the help of other workers.

“Agriculture should be a collective effort and one should not depend upon the labourers alone. I do not believe in the concept of ‘owner and worker’. I am a co-worker on my farm,” he says.

His achievement has been widely recognised, bringing him many laurels.