Farmers in trouble as crop hit by ‘Soragu’ disease

Farmers in trouble as crop hit by ‘Soragu’ disease

The disease-affected pepper vines at Nelaji village in Napoklu.

The black pepper growers who were expecting bumper crop following moderate rain lashing Napoklu hobli are hindered by Soragu disease (Bacterial wilt) affecting the vines. 

Last year, heavy rain had taken a toll on pepper production and had given a blow to the growers.

The pepper vines are affected with the disease at Hodduru, Nelaji, Kakkabbe and other surrounding areas. The affected pepper vines, leaves and pepper have started withering. 

The pre-monsoon showers had helped the pepper vines to nurture. The farmers who were expecting good harvest are now worried over incurring a loss. The affected leaves turn yellow and dry up. The pepper vines across the hobli are affected by the disease. 

Horticulture department officials advise the growers to sprinkle 1% bordeaux mixture on pepper vines. Also, a solution prepared out of 2kg copper sulphate, 2kg lime with 200 litres of water should be poured to the stem. 

Farmer Vikram said, "In the past, pepper vines were not planted in the month of July. With the decline in rainfall, the farmers are also engaged in planting pepper vines."

Another farmer Ponnanna said, "Soragu disease had hit pepper vines last year due to heavy downpour and we had lost a majority of the vines and harvest. Though the weather is conducive for pepper production, the disease affecting vines is worrying the farmers."