Flood of woes for Marandoda family

Flood of woes for Marandoda family

Houses of Ravi Suresh at Marandoda village in Kodagu.

With water surrounding two houses in a remote village of Marandoda in Kakkabe Gram Panchayat, the families in the houses are in distress. They are forced to abandon their houses. 

Situated two kilometres away from Chelavara waterfalls in Kakkabe GP, the houses of Iyeti Ravi Suresh was surrounded by gushing water following heavy rain. 

Ravi and his wife Kavitha were residing in the house. Following heavy rain on August 5 and 6, the house was surrounded by gushing water. As a result, the family shifted to their relative’s house. The family will lose the 60-year-old house and a new under-construction house. To construct a new house, the family had sought assistance under the Ashraya scheme of the government. Though the house was sanctioned under the scheme, they had not received the grant from the government. As a result, they had started house construction on their own. But water has sprung all of a sudden around both the houses. 

Following landslides, water is gushing out from all sides. Coffee, pepper and banana plants have also been damaged, said family members. 

Both the houses are not conducive for living. Mala Cariappa, daughter of Ravi Suresh, has appealed to the government to help the family in constructing a house at a safer location. 

Ravi Suresh said, “Following silt accumulation all over, we cannot go near the house.”