'Forest dept delaying files submitted by farmers'

'Forest dept delaying clearing of files submitted by farmers'

CCF Takat Singh interacts with Raitha Sangha leaders.

Zilla Raitha Sangha president Kadyamada Manu Somaiah complained that the forest department officials have been creating problems for the farmers who fell trees in their plantations, towards house construction.

Speaking at a meeting of the office-bearers convened by the CCF at Titimati forest office, he said that when the farmers submit requests for felling trees for constructing houses, the staff and officials at the forest department office pose unnecessary hurdles and deliberately delay the approval.

CCF Takat Singh said that the senior officials of the forest department give permission for felling trees as per the rules. However, if it is found that any officials or staff are harassing farmers, serious action will be initiated against them.

When being asked about the compensation given to farmers towards the loss of cattle due to wild animal attacks, the CCF said that the farmers are eligible for a compensation of Rs 30,000 in case of milking cow, Rs 25,000 towards ox and cow and Rs 16,000 towards calf, as per the revised order by the government.

Officials of the forest department and Raitha Sangha leaders were present.