Furry friends find new homes

Furry friends find new homes

A child looks curiously at a puppy at the adoption drive organised by Animal Care Trust.

Sleepy puppies and furry kittens were the centre of attraction at the desi pet adoption drive organised by city-based Animal Care Trust (ACT) at Anirveda Research Centre for Psychological Wellbeing in Kankanady here on Saturday. 

The adoption drive ends on Sunday. The adoption camp features the Indian mongrel puppies and kittens rescued from streets. All the puppies and kittens have been ‘dewormed’ and vaccinated. Two kittens were fostered by the organisation when the mother of the kitten was rescued after an accident.

ACT volunteer Mona said, “A lot of cases of abandonment of pedigree dogs come to the centre. Most of them are old, blind dogs that need special care and attention. Sometimes, owners abandon the dogs when they move abroad. A lot of apartments do not allow pets and it prevents interested people from adopting the rescued animals. There is still reluctance when it comes to adopting older dogs and the young puppies are preferred because of the cuteness factor. There is still a lack of awareness on birth control measures for male dogs”.

ACT Treasurer Suma R Nayak, during her interaction with the crowd, said that people need to understand the harsh reality of abandoning the pets. The popular misconception that little puppies or kittens will survive in markets because of the availability of food is far from the truth as these pets need to fight for their survival amongst older cats and

The organisation conducts awareness programmes at school and colleges and has a special sponsorship programme where people can choose to sponsor a rescued animal at the centre. They can be reached at sumatara@yahoo.com and on +91 88670 21053. Another adoption drive is being planned at Sri Mookambika Industries in Kolya on April 28 (from 10 am to 5 pm), Suma said.