'Give priority to rainwater harvesting'

'Give priority to rainwater harvesting'

Department of Environment adviser James Mathew speaks at a workshop on Jalashakthi Abhiyan in Chikkamagaluru on Friday.

Rainwater is a source of water. There is a need to utilise rainwater effectively to ensure that there is no water crisis, suggested Department of Environment adviser James Mathew. 

Speaking at a workshop on Jalashakthi Abhiyan organised by the district administration and CMC for the government employees at Kuvempu Kalamandira on Friday, he said that 17% of the population of the world is in India. However, only 4% of the water sources are in India. Only one-tenth of rainwater is stored in dams, lakes and wells.

The Central government in association with the state government has started Jalashakthi Abhiyan to check water crisis in drought-hit taluks. Accordingly, rainwater harvesting will be installed in all the government buildings including schools and gram panchayats. 

Writer Belavadi Manjunath said excessive use of water due to urbanisation, industrialisation and increase in population has caused water shortage. There is a need to remove silt from wells, lakes and water bodies to increase water storage capacity. There is a lack of knowledge on the use of recycled water. 

“Water stored during the rainy season should be utilised for daily use. Saplings should be planted to increase the area under forest. Check dams should be constructed to store water and to improve the groundwater table,” he added. 

He said that judicious use of water is the need of the hour. Wastewater should be used for construction and agriculture purpose.

District project director Chandrashekar said, “Water should not be wasted. The community should participate in the water conservation process.” 

A demonstration of rainwater harvesting was held on the occasion.

Additional DC Dr Kumar, TP President Nettekerehalli Jayanna and CMC Commissioner Parameshi were present.