Health sub-centre building in poor shape

Health sub-centre building in poor shape

The health sub-centre at Kambibane village near Suntikoppa.

The staff and patients at the health sub-centre in Kambibane village are undergoing a traumatic experience as the condition of the building is dilapidated.

The sub-centre of the Suntikoppa Primary Health Centre was opened 35 years ago at Kambibane. The same building serves as staff quarters for senior woman health assistants. Eight years ago, an additional room was built at the centre.

Currently, the centre has a woman health assistant who looks after the first aid of people and conducts health checkup of pregnant women and children. Medicines are provided to needy patients round-the-clock.

In spite of a regular flow of patients, the hospital building creates fear among the health assistant and the patients as the walls of the building have developed cracks. The roof is also in a dilapidated condition. The situation worsens during the rainy season.

The village residents add that the health centre also houses a large number of rodents and insects.

Last year, the health officials of Suntikoppa had requested the senior officials to repair the building. It was assured that a survey would be conducted and funds will be released. But, there has been no action so far. The people have urged the district health officer to take suitable measures to repair the building of the health sub-centre.

Kambibane GP president K B Krishna said that during a discussion held at the Gram Sabha, the ZP and the TP members have assured of releasing funds. Gram Panchayat will also assist the work.