Hillock on Chandragiri Road caves in

Hillock on Chandragiri Road caves in

The steep hillock on Chandragiri Road in Kasargod (which connects Kanhangad) has developed cracks and caved in, near the Press Club Junction on KSTP Bypass road. 

Hundreds of vehicles pass through the stretch daily. The caving-in of the hillock has created fear among motorists. Using an earth mover, the caved in soil was cleared. Officials have banned the traffic above the hillock connecting Kasargod CMC office. 

Kasargod district has incurred a loss of Rs 17 crore due to the recent heavy rains. As the flood receded, many roads were washed away. At least 18 roads belonging to PWD has been damaged. Over 100 roads in various gram panchayats are damaged.

The damage to Bevinje-Alooru-Iriyanni was estimated at Rs 3 crore. The National Highway from Talapady to Kalikadav was damaged with the formation of huge potholes on the entire stretch.

At least 31 houses collapsed and 358 houses were partially damaged, said District Collector Sajith Babu.