‘Huli Vesha’ used to spread message on harmony

‘Huli Vesha’ used to spread message on harmony

Members of the Friends Tigers team of Mulihitlu in Mangaluru.

Friends Tigers of Mulihitlu, a tiger dance team has tried to spread the message on harmony through ‘Huli Vesha.’

Members from various castes and religions wore the tiger dance costume and performed for ‘Sauharda Dasara’ in Mangaluru.

Youth from Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities, who are members of the Friends Tigers team, have been wearing huli vesha for the last three years during Dasara celebrations. The artistes do not smoke, drink alcohol or consume meat during the period, said Friends Tigers’ president Nithin R Salian.

The team members not only engage in tiger dance during Dasara, they also observe Ganesha festival and Iftar koota.

“Normally, the tiger dance artistes present stunts and flips. However, here, artistes exhibit their dance with a theme. This year, Friends Tigers have presented the team with the theme ‘Mahishasura Vadhe,’ the killing of demon Mahisha,” said the president.

After paying obeisance to the Goddess Mangaladevi, the team members exhibited their dance on the streets of Bolar and other parts of Mangaluru.