'Human interference in nature is cause of concern'

Human interference in nature is cause of concern: Ornithologist

Dr S V Narasimhan

Excessive interference of human beings in nature has been creating imbalance, affecting other species, said physician and ornithologist Dr S V Narasimhan.

He was speaking during a virtual seminar organised by Zilla Lekhakara Mattu Kalavidara Balaga on the occasion of World Environment Day on Saturday.

Human beings too are in turn affected by the misdeeds that they have done by spoiling nature’s balance. Therefore, everyone must take a pledge to protect nature and not to cause harm to other living beings, he said.

He further said, “Most of the natural calamities are in fact man-made. These calamities have been taking place owing to too much of interference of man in ecologically sensitive regions.”

S V Narasimhan felt there is a need for everyone to ponder on whether we have been contributing back to nature, after receiving everything from it.

Greed, ambition and violence of human beings have been resulting in the plundering the natural resources, he said and warned of calamities of higher scale if the destruction of forests and wildlife continues.

Inaugurating the virtual programme, district Kannada Sahitya Parishat former president T P Ramesh said that the suffering of human beings is the result of the destruction of nature.

We had been destroying forests. Ironically, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are struggling for the want of oxygen, he said.

Zilla Lekhakara Mattu Kalavidara Balaga president M P Keshava Kamath said that we have a responsibility of handing over a clean atmosphere to the next generation.

Programme coordinator T G Premkumar, vice president of Zilla Lekhakara Mattu Kalavidara Balaga Revathi Ramesh and director Umesh Hebbale took part in the programme, among others.

K M Shwetha and N K Maladevi sang songs about nature on the occasion.