Is district BJP unit a divided house in Kodagu?

Is district BJP unit a divided house in Kodagu?

There is disgruntlement brewing in the unit

Once again Kodagu district failed to get a representation in the cabinet. This has made people discuss a possible internal rift in the district BJP and also whether the strong fort of the BJP has become a divided house.

The rumours state that a few persons had posed a hindrance to a ministerial berth for MLA M P Appachu Ranjan.

There is disgruntlement brewing in the BJP as well, and this, in turn, has created confusion among the party workers.

The supporters of Madikeri MLA M P Appachu Ranjan have carried out Bengaluru Chalo demanding a ministerial berth to the MLA.

The Bengaluru Chalo was an effort to send a strong message to the high command.

Even MLA K G Bopaiah is not satisfied with the high command's decision, said sources close to him. However, he has not openly expressed his displeasure.

However, Ranjan had rued that someone had backstabbed him, which has also led to a lot of discussion in the district.

The Congress and the JD(S) leaders have also started discussing the mischievous person who had posed a hindrance to Ranjan and urged him to reveal the name.

At the same time, Ranjan has expressed his displeasure at MP Pratap Simha as well.

According to political analysis, Ranjan has no cordial relation with RSS leaders, which could be one of the reasons for the denial of the berth. Further, it is also said that one of the ticket aspirants from the constituency would have posed a hindrance to the same.

In fact, MLA Appachu Ranjan had informed his close circle that three leaders from Delhi had informed him about his name in the final list. However, when it reached Bengaluru, his name was dropped.

District Congress spokesperson Suresh said that the voters had favoured the BJP in ULB polls, Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. However, the BJP has been neglecting the district.

Congress Minority Cell former president K A Yakub said, "Congress had given representation to the district when there were MLAs elected from the party in the district."

Kodava Cultural Association president Manu Muddappa said that it is a tragedy that Kodava Samaja is restricting its influence to the development of marriage halls.

Ranjan should be inducted into the cabinet during the next cabinet rejig, he added.

He alleged that efforts are being made to suppress the traditional dwellers of Kodagu politically, culturally and socially in the district. Failing to get a ministerial berth for Ranjan is a fine example of such suppression.

"It is an insult to the Kodava community for failing to get a ministerial berth for Ranjan, who is a five-time MLA. In the past, during the Congress tenure, Kodagu district had three ministers."