‘Kolata’, sports mark Huthari celebrations

‘Kolata’, sports mark Huthari celebrations

Kodava men perform ‘Huthari Kolata’ on the premises of the Old Fort in Madikeri on Thursday.

Celebrations of Huthari continued with ‘Kolata’ and various sports events on the very next day of Huthari festival in the district on Thursday.

The Pandira family and the management committee of the Omkareshwara Temple organised the ‘Huthari Kolata’ on the premises of the Old Fort in Madikeri.

‘Ummattat’, ‘Bolakkat’, ‘Kolat’, ‘Pariya Kali’, ‘Chowli Aat’ and ‘Kattiyat’ were performed by teams from the Kodava Samaja, the Pandira family and the Pommakkada Koota.

Children added sheen to the Kolata by tapping their feet to the music of the traditional Kodava Valaga, which came as the icing on the cake.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA K G Bopaiah said that Kolata is celebrated soon after Huthari festival in Kodagu. Kolata was performed on the premises of Old Fort since generations, he said.

Stating that a week-long Huthari Kolata will be celebrated in ‘Uru Mand’ and ‘Naad Mand’, the MLA stressed on the need to cherish and preserve the tradition.

Since 2008, Kodagu has been enjoying holiday for Huthari and Kaveri Sankramana, after the government recognised the festivals, he added.


The Pandira family members of Hebbettageri village have been performing ‘Huthari Kolata’ or Puttari Kolata, on the premises of Old Fort, since the time of the reign of royal kingdoms in Kodagu.

The paddy is harvested during the festival and brought to homes.

The Puttari Aramane Kolu was held in high regard in the palace in older days and the same is continued today.

'Will accept minister’s post if offered'

Speaking to reporters, Bopaiah said that he is not in the race for a minister’s position. However, if offered, he will accept the same with humility and work with conviction and handle with responsibility.

He meanwhile stated that he is an honest member of the party and does not believe in lobbying. He denied pressuring any leader to give him the minister’s post. “I have fetched a lot of grants to Kodagu and will continue to strive to solve people’s problems,” Bopaiah added.

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