Konkani writer gets 18th Konkani Kutam Bahrain award

Konkani writer gets 18th Konkani Kutam Bahrain award

Konkani writer J F D’Souza after being presented with the 18th Konkani Kutam Bahrain award at a programme organised in St Sebastian Church hall, Mangaluru on Monday.

I believe that with this award my responsibility in literature field has doubled,” stressed well-known Konkani writer J F D’Souza was presented with the 18th Konkani Kutam Bahrain award at a glittering function organised at St Sebastian Church hall on Monday.

The habit of reading made me a writer, J F D’Souza revealed in his felicitation acceptance address. I used to read magazines and books regularly to gain knowledge. The editors of Konkani and Kannada magazines supported me by publishing articles in their periodicals. “My family members constantly encouraged me to write and it is with their support I am still writing,” he declared.

Kannada writer and columnist ‘JoGi’ (Girish Rao Hatwar) felicitated J F D’Souza with a shawl and Padua College Principal and Padua Ranga Adhyayana Kendra Director Fr Alwyn Serrao presented the citation to J F D’Souza. Konkani Kutam, Bahrain, Convenor Richard Moras handed a cheque for Rs 50,000. Jogi said he was impressed with J F D’Souza’s simplicity.

The organisers informed me that the majority of his writings were related to children’s literature. I congratulate him and expect more literature from him. “Awards are given only for previous literary works. So when a writer receives an award, he cannot think that he has achieved the goal. Every winner should remain active and post felicitation should keep winning more awards,” Jogi wished.

The columnist said digitalisation was a major threat to local languages and the youth were highly influenced by digital media. Social media wiped away the reading habits of youth. If youth asserts that social media gives quick information, it is wrong. They only get less information and that also in a common language,” he said. Fr Alwyn said hundreds of less-spoken languages are pushed towards extinction every year.

“If a language is not used, it means that the community also loses its identity. Our ancestors handed the language to us with pride. We have a responsibility to hand it over to our next generation. Konkani Kutam Bahrain convenor Henry D’Almeida, Konkani Kutam Bahrain local convenor Richie Moras were also present. `Masam’, a short story collection of Konkani writer Antony Barkur, was released on the occasion.