Lack of funds for bridge construction work

Lack of funds for bridge construction work

The incomplete work on a bridge near Kothnadka has forced the residents to use the hanging wooden bridge.

A bridge work, sanctioned four years ago at Kothnadka in Balugodu village under Harihara Pallathadka Gram Panchayat limits, has remained incomplete due to the paucity of funds. 

Kothnadka is situated on the periphery of the forest and is five kilometres away from Balugodu. The residents are forced to use a temporary delicate hanging bridge when the river is in spate during monsoon. Walking on the delicate and precariously placed bridge is a tricky act for schoolchildren and senior citizens. A slip will mean certain death for the users. 

A sum of Rs 8.25 lakh was sanctioned from MLALAD Fund four years ago. A contractor had built a pillar for the bridge and the work was suspended due to the paucity of funds. An additional Rs 10 lakh was needed to complete the bridge.

The materials dumped at the site of work were also found missing from the spot later on. There is no road connectivity to the village either. Barring jeeps, no vehicles can reach the village.

Chethan Kajegadde, a resident, said: “The government has not released additional funds to complete the bridge work. Hence, we face this problem during every monsoon”.

The work on the bridge should be accelerated and completed before monsoon, the residents have urged.