Leak in pipeline disrupts water supply

Leak in pipeline disrupts water supply

The repair work on the damaged pipeline is in progress near Kannur Masjid on the outskirts of Mangaluru.

In spite of heavy rain, the taps in the city will continue to run dry for the fourth day in a row on Thursday.

The supply of water to Mangaluru city and the surrounding areas is disrupted since Monday, following a leak in the pipeline near the Kannur Masjid on the outskirts of the city.

The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) is yet to plug the leak on one of the two main supply pipelines from Thumbe vented dam to the city. There are two 18-MGD (million gallons a day) capacity pipelines (1,100-mm and 1,000-mm diameter sizes) from Thumbe.

Pumping of water from the dam was, therefore, suspended since Monday.

Supply suspended

Sources in the Corporation said, “There was a leak in one of the main pipelines. During the repair, water from the second pipeline was also entering the damaged pipeline. As a result, water supply was suspended on both the lines. After removing soil near the damaged portion of the pipeline, repair works were taken up. The work is underway and will be completed by Thursday.”

The disruption in water supply has caused a lot of inconvenience to the residents.

Jane, a resident of Padil said, “I had collected rainwater on Tuesday night and used it to wash utensils and clothes.”

Savitha, a resident of Konchadi, said, “Our apartment had started rationing by supplying water for two to three hours a day.”