‘Little Krishnas’ centre of attraction at Kadri Temple

‘Little Krishnas’ centre of attraction at Kadri Temple

Children dressed as Krishna and Radha pose for a photograph at Sri Manjunatha Temple in Kadri in Mangaluru on Friday.

Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple was buzzing with the activities of children, donned in the colours of Lord Krishna, during the 35th year of Shri Krishna Vesha Competition (fancy dress) organised as part of National-Level Children’s Festival by Kalkura Prathishtana on Friday.

It was a delight to see tiny Krishnas dressed in ‘Dhothi’, wearing pearl necklace, ear rings, ‘Thilakam’ on the forehead, a flute in hand and wearing a headgear with a peacock feather.

The clinging sounds of the anklets on their feet charmed the gathering.

The Prathishtana has been organising the festival for the last 35 years with an intention of developing religious and cultural awareness and to foster hidden talent of children.

A few tiny tots wearing the costume of Krishna were seen dozing off on their mother’s lap while a few were moving around holding the flute in their hands.

Vanajakshi had come with her two-month-old son Satwik to the competition. Sonam with her 10-month-old Jiyan while Vidya and Akshatha had taken part in the competition with her seven-month-old babies Diyan and Aaradhya respectively.

Mamatha had brought her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Sumana Acharya for the third year to take part in the competition. While four-year-old Raina had come with her mother Rani to take part in the competition for the second time.

There were 30 categories in which children participated and the competitions were held simultaneouly at 12 venues, including Shri Krishna Janmamahotsava Samiti Main Stage, first and second floors of Abhishek Hall, Kalyana Mantap, Manjushri and at the platform near Ashwatha Katte.

While the younger ones took part in the ‘Kanda Krishna’, ‘Balakrishna’ and ‘Muddu Krishna’ categories, the older kids participated in ‘Tunta Krishna’, ‘Kishora Krishna’ and ‘Sri Krishna’ categories. In ‘Yashoda Krishna’ and ‘Devaki Krishna’ mothers acted along with their children.

In the ‘Vasudeva Krishna’ category fathers had come on stage along with their children.

Other competitions like ‘Sri Krishna’ (for Class II, III and IV children); ‘Geetha Krishna’ (for students up to Class VII where one had to create Geethopadesha situation with costumes); ‘Yakshakrishna’ (for children up to Class X with the costume of Yakshagana (Badaguthittu, Thenku thittu.); ‘Radhakrishna’ (children up to Class VII and in pairs); ‘Radha Madhava’ (Class VII and above students in pairs); Shankanada (For children up to Class VII); ‘Shankhaudgosha (Class VII students and open to all); ‘Nanda Gokula’ (episode presentation of Lord Krishna’s life by a group i.e, entire family members with a minimum of five members) entertained the people.

Apart from fancy dress competition, the Prathishtana had also organised quiz, drawing, singing and rangoli competitions, all related to Krishna.

The competitions were held simultaneously at Sharada Vidyalaya in Mangaluru.