Man converts his farmland into fruit orchard

Man converts his farmland into fruit orchard

Sunil seen next to a Sampige plant on his farmland at Thotadakere in NR Pura taluk.

A farmer in Thotadakere village in the taluk has transformed his farmland into a fruits orchard.

Sunil, along with farming, has been maintaining balance in Nature on his land by planting a variety of fruit-bearing trees and medicinal plants. He cultivates paddy, arecanut, coconut, mango, cashew, rubber and chikkoo.

To maintain balance in Nature, he has also grown ‘sihi amte’, rambutan, mangosteen, red apple, cinnamon, clove, asafoetida, kokum, ‘madrapala’, ‘darehuli’, ‘pannerale’, ‘jambunerale’, gooseberry, varieties of guava and jackfruit – including gumless and seedless – pomegranate and pineapple.

He has grown medicinal plants like ‘noni’, ‘lakshmanaphala’, ‘ramaphala’ and ‘hanumaphala’, butter fruit, egg fruit, fig, and biofuel plants like simarouba on his farmland. In addition, he has ‘bili gulugunji,’ ‘amrithaballi,’ ‘appemidi’, ‘vate’, red sander, ‘bilvapatre’, ‘nagasampige’, ‘rudrakshi’, ‘shamivriksha’, ‘banni’, and other trees.

Barring arecanut, paddy and coconut, he has not sold any other fruits from his farmland. He has planted fruit-bearing trees on his land to ensure that they feed birds and animals.