Man digs well all by himself

Man digs well all by himself

Bhuvanesh Gowda

A man in Saccheripete Pavanjigudde in Mundloor Gram Panchayat has dug a well all alone on his five-cent land and struck water on the 16th day on his back-breaking work.

Bhuvanesh Gowda said that the site at Saccheripete Pavanjigudde had no source of water for the families residing there. Hence, he decided to dig a well on his own on the land.

Gowda worked during the day for his livelihood, after which, he used to work on the well daily from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

He struck water when he reached 18 feet deep, the gush of water surprising the villagers. There is a two feet of water in the well now.

All the wells that had been dug in the area, in contrast, had failed to give water even at 10 to 15 feet depth.

Work experience

Gowda said that he had, as a student, worked under a contractor called Cheriyamonu to digging wells. “The experience has helped me quench the thirst of my neighbours,” he says with satisfaction, adding that he worked hard daily for 16 days.

The 32-year-old Gowda has been residing at Pavanjigudde with his wife and two children for the past several years and has been experiencing water crisis. He said that well has helped solve the problem of water shortage.

“Water from the well is being utilised by two to three households in my neighbourhood,” he added.

Lone worker

There were times when Gowda would dig the well using candlelight.

“It normally requires five to six persons to dig a well. Along with the digging there is the additional job of carrying away the excavated soil. It is a surprise to note that all the work on the well has been carried out single-handedly by Gowda,” an impressed neighbour declared.