‘Modi not just a name, it’s a mantra’

‘Modi not just a name, it’s a mantra’

BJP state committee spokesperson Malavika Avinash speaks at a press conference at BJP election office in Mangaluru on Thursday.

Narendra Modi; which was just a name during the 2014 parliamentary elections has turned into a mantra today, said state BJP spokesperson and star campaigner Malavika Avinash, on Thursday.

Addressing the media at the BJP election office, she said that BJP workers were seeking votes from people on the basis of the ‘report card’ of the Centre and the MP of the constituency.

“BJP presents before voters a comparison between the previous UPA government’s corruption; and NDA’s clean, capable and transparent government. Of the 146 programmes implemented by the Modi government, all sections of society have benefitted. The Modi-led government took a tough stand against corruption and terrorism. People are totally conscious of who to vote for,” she added.

Taking a dig at the Congress, Malavika said that the Congress had been chanting the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ since 1971. “What has Congress done all these years towards eliminating poverty?” she asked.

Malavika stated that the ‘Nyay’ scheme announced in Congress manifesto showed that the party had admitted that it had only done ‘Anyay’ (injustice) while it was in power.

“The BJP manifesto is not a mere list of assurances like that of Congress. It is a ‘Sankalpa Patra’ or a pledge. For BJP and Narendra Modi, the nation is the first priority. Whereas, for Congress, its vote bank is the first priority. The Congress manifesto speaks of lending support to separatists,” she alleged.

She condemned the state government’s decision to withdraw 142 heinous cases including rioting and communal violence cases.

BJP district Mahila Morcha president Pooja Pai, former MLC Monappa Bhandary and Zilla Panchayat president Dhanalakshmi Gatty were present at the press meet.