Monkey menace haunts areca growers in Koppa

Monkey menace haunts areca growers in Koppa

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On the one hand, the recent flood has taken a toll on the arecanut plantations in Koppa taluk, while on the other hand, the monkey menace has become a nightmare for the growers. 

The monkeys are seen sipping the juice from the tender arecanuts and throwing them on the ground. The farmers are worried about saving their little bit of remaining crops. 

“Troop of monkeys stray into the arecanut plantations and damage the crops. We are struggling to save even the banana plants. The tender arecanuts are growing. The harvesting of arecanuts will commence within a few months. The monkeys are throwing away all the tender arecanuts. Even coffee beans have not been spared,” said farmers. 

“Earlier, the monkeys targeted vegetables cultivated by farmers. Now, they are damaging arecanut and cardamom as well. The monkey menace has increased at Hegdekoppa in Koppa. Chasing the monkeys and saving crops is a challenge,” said farmers. 

Farmer Vinay from Hegdekoppa said, “Those who turned towards farming are facing hardships due to the increasing monkey menace. Along with Yellow leaf disease and fruit rot disease affecting arecanut, arecanut farmers are now haunted by the monkey menace.”