MSc in Anaesthesia, OT Technology

MSc in Anaesthesia, OT Technology

The Nitte (Deemed to be) University has introduced MSc in Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology, Medical Imaging Technology and Medical Laboratory Technology (Haematology and Blood Transfusion) the last academic year.

Students who have completed their bachelor degrees in these subjects may apply for the post-graduate courses.

Candidates who have obtained the above mentioned two-year master’s degrees may work in teaching and technician posts in allied health sciences institutions in the country and abroad. There is greater scope for the MSc students to find vacancies in Anaesthesia, Operation Theatre Technology, and Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) sections, as the courses are not offered frequently in South Indian states.

Master in Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology is a rare course that is available in Nitte University. MLT too is offered as a specialisation in the field of Haematology and Blood Transfusion.

There is an exceptional demand for technical staff working as doctors’ assistants. Their significance in medical services is unparalleled. The contemporary medical services that are technologically sophisticated but bereft of the support of technicians prove insufficient for any institution. MRI and CT scans, anaesthesia work stations, ICU equipment and laboratory analysers have high levels of technology. Technicians are indispensable to do routine work with such equipment.

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