Never a dull moment at 'Positive Vibes'

Never a dull moment at 'Positive Vibes'

Conductor, Pianist Shubira D'Sa (right) leads 'Poco-A-Poco's' talented amateur vocalists and musicians at Sri Sudhindra Auditorium in Canara Girls High School on Saturday.

The audience stayed glued to their seats and were eager to see more performances when the multitalented members of ‘Poco-A-Poco’, led by conductor-pianist Shubira D’Sa, took a final bow at the end of their musical programme ‘Positive Vibes’.

It was when lights on the stage dimmed, the audience got its cue and reluctantly made their way to the exit gates at Sri Sudhindra Auditorium in Canara Girls High School on Saturday.

“There was never a dull moment throughout the two-hour-long musical programme,” senior citizens Caroline and Ravi said.

‘Poco-A-Poco’, a musical ensemble comprising a motley crew of amateur vocalists and musicians led by Shubira D’Sa, presented songs that traversed a multitude of genres from across different eras and different countries, including a rousing number from South Africa.

The medley of songs ensured that there was something for everyone whatever their music preferences were. The team also sang classics like ‘A thousand years’ and ‘Somebody to love’ as a tribute to the maverick Freddy Mercury. The emcee’s on-stage wit and potshots at those who reached the venue late left the audience in splits.

The show stealers were the children and their performances always ended with thunderous applause and loud whistles. A dance number by the children for the 1951 Hindi film ‘Albela’ swept the audience of their feet.

Half-way through the programme, Shubira D’Sa declared, “If you can speak, then you can sing.”

Shubira D’Sa ensured that it was not just a statement and egged the audience in singing the chorus.

Before curtains came down on the programme, the emcee informed that their decision to stage their first musical programme outside Bengaluru was initially met with scepticism.

“We were told that on a weekend, Mangalureans prefer to sleep. But the healthy crowd turnout has motivated us to plan another programme in Mangaluru,” the emcee stressed.

Poco-A-Poco’s second and final show was staged at the same venue at 6.30 pm.