Non-loanee farmers get ‘loan waiver’ letter

Non-loanee farmers get ‘loan waiver’ letter

Letter received by non-beneficiary farmers.

Farmers who had not benefited from the coalition government’s loan waiver scheme have been receiving letters reminding them of the loan waiver and that the government expected reciprocation from them.

The letters mentioned that loans up to Rs one lakh, borrowed by farmers from cooperative societies, had been waived by the state government. The letter also emphasises the point that the government is supportive of the farmers and declares farmers as the backbone of the country, drawing reference to Kuvempu’s poem ‘Negila Yogi’.

In addition, the letter informs that 40 lakh farmers had opted to avail of benefits of the loan waiver scheme and that six lakh farmers had become debt-free. As a solution to the problems faced by farmers, the government had earmarked a record amount of Rs 46,853 crore in its budget.

The letter is signed by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy. Many farmers feel that the letter is a political gimmick.

Letters reaching non-beneficiaries have further raised eyebrows. Opposition party workers have filed complaints demanding action from the Election Commission of India (ECI).