Orphanage set to reunite six persons with families

Orphanage set to reunite six persons with families

Vishwasada Mane, the orphanage for mentally challenged and destitute, is on a  mission to reunite six persons, who had recovered from their mental illness, with their families.

Vittal (45) from Gadag, who was found near Deputy Commissioner's office on November 22, 2016, has been treated and is now normal.

A 50-year-old Nambayya from Telangana, who was found roaming near Kollur on May 11, 2016, was taken to Vishwasada Mane and he has come out of his depression.

Bhojamma (45) from Telangana was mentally ill when she was rescued from Shankarapura Road. She has also recovered from her mental illness.

Likewise, Suresh (40) from Bengaluru, Sujatha (30) from Andhra Pradesh, Shobha (35) from Tumkur, who were rescued by the members of Vishwasada Mane, are now looking forward to reunite with their family members.

Pastor Sunil John D’souza said that the six people had recovered from their illness due to the care provided by the psychiatrists at Vishwasada Mane. The efforts are on to know about the whereabouts of their families.

He added that local police help would be sought to trace the addresses. Pastor said that over 800 such people had been rehabilitated at Vishwasada Mane in the past 20 years and the orphanage presently has 150 inmates.

Thirty elderly people, who were abandoned by the families, are being taken care at the orphanage.

There are two psychiatrists, three visiting doctors and five nurses. A new building will come up at a cost of Rs five crore. But the plan is yet to materialise, he added.