Paddy transplantation work gains pace

Paddy transplantation work gains pace in Shanivarasanthe

The ‘Tunga’ variety of paddy in a field belonging to S M Umashankar in Shidigalane village near Shanivarasanthe.

As the rain took a break in the hobli, activities are in full swing towards paddy transplantation in the region.

Farmers were seen tilling the land to prepare for paddy transplantation. On Sunday, there was sunshine in the morning, which helped farmers.

Farmers said that the ‘Aridra’ rain is in their favour.

Various paddy varieties including ‘Tunga’, ‘Rajamudi’ and ‘Chippiga’ are cultivated in the region.

The paddy sheaths are ready to be transplanted in the fields. Paddy of these varieties will grow in five and a half months.

S M Umashankar of Shidigalale village said that the hybrid variety of paddy which comes into harvest in four months is best for the region, based on the rain pattern.

The water level in the fields in the region comes down in September. The long term paddy varieties should be translated before the last week of July. Or else, there are chances of the crop getting affected by the cold weather in November. This will make paddy grains hollow, he added.

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