Palimaru Mutt seer nominates successor

Palimaru Mutt seer nominates successor

Shailesh Upadhyaya receives blessings from Vidyadheesha Teertha. Photo / Palimaru Matha

Paryaya Palimaru Mutt pontiff Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha Sripada has selected Shailesh Upadhyaya as his successor.

Shailesh, a student at the Mutt’s Sriyogadeepika Vidya Mutt, belongs to Kodavur and is the eldest son of Vedamurthy Surendra Upadhyaya and Lakshmi. His brother Vishwesha is studying at Muniyal Ayurveda College in Manipal. 

Vidyadheesha Teertha said the initiation rituals, including ‘Sanyasa Deekshe’, ‘Uttaradhikara Sweekara’, ‘Namakarana’ and ‘Peetarohana’ will be held from May 9.

Shailesh said he is interested in spirituality and fond of worshipping Lord Rama and Krishna. “I want to immerse myself in spiritual life. Hence, I approached the Palimaru seer. I was happy when the seer agreed, but worried when my parents disagreed. They gave consent after looking at my horoscope,” he said adding that he is aware of the commitment towards the rituals to be followed in Sanyasharama.

On May 9, there will be ‘Atmashuddhi’, the self-purification ritual. May 10, Shailesh will be initiated into monkhood with ‘Pranava Mantra’. May 11, he will be initiated into learning the ‘Ashta Mahamantra’. After the ‘Peetarohana’ ceremony on May 12, he will be inducted as junior seer of the Palimaru Mutt (Also see page 6).