Park at Bukkambudhi cries for attention

Park at Bukkambudhi cries for attention

A view of the park on the periphery of Doddakere at Bukkambudhi village.

A park that was constructed on the periphery of Doddakere near Bukkambudhi village in 2015 is crying for attention owing to poor maintenance. 

The park has been turned into a den of illegal activities. In addition, drunkards are seen consuming liquor inside the park. 

The play area for the children lacks facilities. The park does not have water and toilet facility as well. Owing to poor maintenance, the park also looks bad. 

Plastic wrappers, paper plates, liquor bottles, liquor sachets, broken glass bottles and cigarette buds are found all over the park.

In addition, parthenium plants have grown and spread all across the parkThere is also an overgrowth of grass amid the plants grown by the authorities to increase the beauty of the park. 

Further, the dumping of waste has polluted Doddakere. Owing to miscreants, Chowdeshwari-Mallappa Temple has also lost its sanctity. A huge gate at the entrance of the park is also missing. Miscreants have even taken away granite slabs placed for seating at the park. 

“The weeds have covered the entire park. We fear to enter it,” said local resident Ravi. 

Gram panchayat member Siddalingeshwaraswamy said, “People visit the park for walking. However, many do not sit inside the park fearing snakes or other poisonous creatures. Various associations should come forward to maintain the park.” 

The local residents have urged the authorities to complete minor pending works inside the park.

“All the weeds should be cleared. Flower-bearing plants should be planted. The illegal activities inside the park should be checked,” they demanded.