Photographer's success story in mushroom cultivation

Photographer's success story in mushroom cultivation

Francis D’Souza along with his family inside the room where mushroom is cultivated.

A couple in Banakal have been successfully cultivating mushrooms in one of the rooms of their house. 

Francis D’Souza was a photographer a decade ago. However, when photography became challenging in this competitive era, he took up mushroom cultivation and achieved success in it. 

One needs to maintain cleanliness for cultivating mushroom, says D’Souza. “The mushroom cultivation will change the course of life with an increase in demand for it.

Naveen of ICICI Bank trains those who are interested in cultivating mushroom, and also provides needed guidance,” said Sunitha D’Souza, wife of Francis. 

‘’With a kg of spawns of mushroom, one can harvest 10 kg to 15 kg. A kg of mushrooms fetches Rs 200 in the market. Mushroom is known for its vitamins., and its cultivation can be a source of livelihood even for unemployed,” said Francis. 

“Even physically challenged can also take up mushroom cultivation. A proposal has been submitted to the Deputy Commissioner to promote mushroom cultivation. If the government supports mushroom cultivation, then many can take up self-employment,” he said. 

Spawns of mushrooms are sown in polythene bags. The mushroom beds are incubated in a room.