'Police personnel will undergo training in soft skills'

Udupi Superintendent of Police Nisha James replies to a query during the weekly phone-in programme in Udupi on Friday.

Udupi Superintendent of Police Nisha James on Friday emphasised on the importance of police being equipped with soft skills in order to share a cordial relationship with public in the society.

As many as 120 police personnel, comprising station officers, will undergo training in soft skills, she said during the phone-in programme organised at SP's Office.

Nisha stressed that the police personnel should be patient in order to respond to the people and their grievances. The cordial relationship between police and the public is essential for peace to prevail in the society. "The soft skill training programme is a major step towards improving the police–public relationship", she said.

She said many people were unaware of the fact that they can approach police station and get solutions for their grievances. They can come to SP’s office without contacting the jurisdictional police station. There are also some cases where the police may not give attention to the problems of the public. Thus police personnel will be made aware on how to attend and address the public grievances, she added.

The SP promised to tackle the sale of illegal liquor sale in Manipal by involving the excise department in the raids. The liquor is sold illegally in wee hours at wine shops.  On an illegal stone quarry in Kota, Nisha promised to take action.

She directed her officials to inform CMC commissioner on installing CCTV cameras inside the Bhujanga Park following a complaint about illegal activities taking place inside the park.

Nisha also insisted on installing additional lights in the park. There are many complaints about the misuse of park for illegal activities and the rising menace of drunkards, she added.

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