Polinkana Utsava celebrated in Bhagamandala

Polinkana Utsava celebrated in Bhagamandala

Polikana Utsava was celebrated in Bhagamandala on Sunday.

Polinkana Utsava was celebrated in Bhagamandala with traditional fervour on Sunday.

During the occasion, gratitude was paid to Mother Cauvery, by offering special prayers.

As per the custom, the Polinkana Utsava is observed on the new moon day of Karkataka month.

It is believed that River Cauvery flows underground as 'Gupthagamini', till Bhagamandala and joins Sujyothi and Kannike rivers in Triveni Sangama.

At the time, there was a fear of floods in the Bhagamandala region. Therefore, the farming fraternity prays to Mother Cauvery to flow calmly.

In the olden days, when people were marooned due to floods in River Cauvery, people termed it to be the anger of the river. In order to pacify Mother Cauvery, married women, sailing on a coracle, offered 'bagina' to the river. The tradition is continued even to this day.

In Bhagandeshwara temple on Sunday morning, jewels, saree and bangles were placed on a silver plate and a prayer was offered on the occasion.

Later, a procession of 'Polikana Mantapa' was led towards Triveni Sangama, along with a traditional musical band, in the presence of devotees.

After offering puja to River Cauvery, the mantapa made out of plantain stems, comprising 'bagina' was floated on the river.

The crowd was restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bhagamandala temple Takka head Balladka Appaji, Talacauvery Takka head Kodi Motaiah, priests Ravi Bhat and Kusha Bhat were present.