'Questioning keeps democracy active'

Questioning is the most important pedestal for an effective functioning of democracy, remarked Prof P L Dharma, chairperson, department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Mangalore University. 

He was speaking after inaugurating the Press Day organised by Udupi district Working Journalists Association on Monday.

“The democratic system functions in the country is due to media as the media which constantly acts like a watchdog. The fourth estate is an inseparable part of democracy. The effective functioning of the fourth estate in questioning the bureaucracy and political set up has made the country’s administrative system more strong,” he said.

On the importance of Press Day, Dharma said, “The Day commemorates the historic developments. This is the Day when journalists in particular and others in general can see whether the connection of the past and present is maintained and the route map for the future is outlined.”

He that the journalists can be activists for good causes.

“The journalists should engage in making the politicians and bureaucrats realise the problems that exists in the society. The effective functioning of media will enable better administration and also healthy society,” he said.

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