‘Rising population creating imbalance in environment’

Zilla Panchayat President Dinaker Babu inaugurated World Population Day programme at Dr G Shankar Government Women First Grade College and PG Centre in Ajjarkad in Udupi on Thursday.

Zilla Panchayat President Dinaker Babu said there was a need to create awareness on high population growth as overpopulation is leading to an imbalance in the environment.

He was speaking after inaugurating World Population Day programme, organised by district administration and zilla panchayat at Dr G Shankar Government Women First Grade College and PG Centre in Ajjarkad in Udupi on Thursday.

Babu said presently the population of the world is 770 crore, which shall shortly reach 800 crore.

The density of population is affecting the process of development. The forests are being cut down to build houses and to facilitate the human habitation. The destruction of the forest has resulted in scanty rainfall. The lack of rainfall has again created many other problems. The imbalance in the nature is proving fatal for humans and this is the high time, that man should be cautious about rise in population, he appealed.

Zilla Panchayat Vice President Sheela Shetty said awareness measures on the World Population Day should not be limited only to the programmes and slogans. Instead the objective behind the implementation of programmes and slogans should be realised.

The students should also be part of such programmes and should spread messages about the ill-effects of overpopulation.

District Health Officer Dr Rama Rao said that India shares the burden of 17% of the world’s total population and was in the second place in the world.

He added that in India one square feet land is available for 400 people in India, while in Australia, the same size of land is used by only three people. Many government schemes will experience obstacles in the implementation due to insufficient resources. He added that growing population is posing threat for equal distribution of resources.

“The women delaying the pregnancy and increasing abortions are becoming major treat for birth of healthy children.” The anaemic mother is giving birth to dead babies. Hence, there is need to create awareness on the importance of healthy mother and child for a healthy society. A pamphlet to create awareness was released and a documentary was screened on the occasion, he added.

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