'Roadnauts' who moon-walked on pothole-ridden roads

'Roadnauts' who moon-walked on pothole-ridden roads

Adlin D’Silva, dressed like an astronaut, walks on a pothole-ridden road at Central Market in Mangaluru.

Two girl ‘astronauts’ have recreated the scene of walking on pothole-ridden roads at Central Market and Basavanagudi Road in Mangaluru.

They have apparently been inspired by Baadal Nanjundaswamy, who recreated the scene of an astronaut walking on a pothole-ridden road in Bengaluru.

Adlin D’Silva, a Class 6 student of St Agnes School, dressed like an astronaut, walked on the pothole-ridden Central Market Road. The video of the girl trying to moonwalk had gone viral.

In another scene, LKG student Nia C Govind recreated the scene on walking on pothole-ridden Basavanagudi Road on September 3.

Deepa Sithesh, mother of Nia, said, “The video titled ‘Mangalore Roadnaut’ had gone viral on YouTube. Following the video, Mangaluru City Corporation repaired the road immediately. The road was in pathetic condition for almost a year.”