‘Safe, responsible use of Internet is everyone’s duty’

‘Safe, responsible use of Internet is everyone’s duty’

Janice Verghese of Cyber Peace Foundation addresses students at Little Rock Indian School in Brahmavar.

A programme on cyber safety and consumer awareness was conducted by I L Narasimha Rao and Janice Verghese of Ranchi-based Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF) for students and teachers at Little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar, on Wednesday.

“Internet, the most interactive technological platform of this century, has become an integral part of our daily lives. Awareness about the safe and responsible use of it is everybody’s duty,” Rao and Janice stressed.

1,292 students

As many as 1,292 students participated in the programme, conducted in two sessions.

Students were told about ‘malware’, dangerous sites, and potential dangers in befriending unknown people on social platforms.

Cyber safety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology, they said.

“It is not only about keeping our data safe and secure but also about being responsible with that information. It is also being respectful to other people online and practising good ‘netiquette’ (internet etiquette)’’, the team emphasised.

Severe punishment

Important sections under IT Act was also highlighted on the occasion. If bullied or aggrieved the victims should complain to the Cyber Cell of Police department and initiate legal actions against their perpetrators, Janice Verghese stressed. “If declared guilty in cyber cases, the punishment is very severe,” she added.