Science fest gave knowledge missing in textbooks

Science fest gave knowledge missing in textbooks

Students explain the working of a bucket compost to scientist Poornima Kamath at the ‘Brain Quest’ science festival organised at MGM College, Udupi, on Saturday.

‘Brain Quest’, the science festival, offered an opportunity to students from different schools across the district to get exposed to a variety of scientific ideas.

The festival, which was held on Saturday, is being organised for the 15th year in a row at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College.

It was a delight to witness aspiring young scientists defend their projects with their own reasoning.

The topics allocated to students were based on research that required commitment in exploring new ideas. The students who participated had to use materials found on the college campus for their projects.

They also had to ensure that their projects grabbed the attention of the panellists.

The models at the festival highlighted the impact of carbon dioxide and greenhouse effect on plants, techniques to test the purity of drinking water, bucket compost with kitchen scrap and also soil moisture sensor, among others.

Sachin and his team from Kamalabai High School said that it was a learning process for them while working impact of greenhouse effect on plants.

The students were also seen exchanging ideas, saying that they had a wonderful time at the festival.

Vinayak said that they could improve their knowledge on projects starting the next academic year. Sumedh Navdha of Anantheshwara High School said that he, along with his classmates Akshay, Abhishek, Karthik, Aprameya and Sumedha Bhat, enjoyed the festival.

He said they understood science beyond the classroom teachings. They could understand agriculture much better while working on projects based on soil moisture sensor.

The students of Class X concurred that the knowledge gained in the festival was something beyond the textbooks.