Segregated waste collection from July 1

Segregated waste collection from July 1

Waste segregation at source in Mangaluru City Corporation jurisdiction will begin on July 1.

Corporation Commissioner Narayanappa said that wet waste will be collected by the Antony Waste Handling Cell Private Limited on all days of the week – except Fridays – while the dry waste will be collected on Fridays from households and business establishments.

He said that the Corporation is all set to implement the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, wherein households and business establishments should segregate the waste at source.

He warned that the authorities will not accept the waste if the households hand it over to the waste collectors without segregating it. The Commissioner also warned of imposing fine on those who dump waste beside the roads as per the sections of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act 1976 and Solid Waste Management bylaws 2018 for municipalities and municipal corporations. The fine amount will vary from Rs 100 to Rs 25,000.

Further, he reminded that the use of sale of plastic is banned. Fine will imposed on those who sell banned plastics and case will be registered before the competent authority.