Senthil urged to clear ‘ambiguity’

Senthil urged to clear ‘ambiguity’

Sasikanth Senthil

Thinkers on Saturday urged former deputy commissioner Sasikanth Senthil to clear the air about the ambiguity in his ‘cryptic resignation letter’.

On social media, several government employees chose to highlight words like ‘conflict of ethics’ and ‘building blocks of democracy being compromised’ mentioned in Senthil’s resignation letter. 

Advocate Vivekananda Paniyala of Paniyala Associates even wrote a letter to Senthil asking him to elaborate on the ‘unprecedented challenge’ as his choice of words in the resignation letter to the government is giving room for multiple interpretations by media.

Paniyala has said that the perceived threat to the ‘foundation of democracy’, as reflected in the resignation letter, however, is prima facie not convincing. “Since all of us live in the same society, we need to have a better understanding of the issues and concerns raised by you in the larger interest, from the common man’s perspective. These issues compromising democracy need to be addressed at a time when we still have a strong and independent judiciary guarding the constitution,” Paniyala was the arbitrator who participated in a two-year-long arbitration with Senthil stressed.

In the letter, Paniyala has also said that Senthil’s his remark that ‘business will not be as usual’ is disappointing. “Having practised law mostly against the injustices and wrongdoings of the establishments led by the civil servants for nearly 25 years, I can vouch that the common man has always been demanding accountability and responsibility on the part of bureaucrats who unfortunately have become kings unto themselves.”

Paniyala has ended the letter by stating that the whole nation is happy with the government which is working to bring about accountability among the civil servants.