Sri Lankan PM prays for peace at Kollur temple

Sri Lankan PM prays for peace at Kollur temple

Udupi Deputy Commissioner Hephsiba Rani Korlapati and Superintendent of Police (SP) Nisha James welcome Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe and his wife Maitree Wickremesinghe at Kollur on Friday.

Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe and his wife Maitree Wickremesinghe performed ‘Nava Chandi Homa’ and offered special prayers to Goddess Sri Mookambika at Kollur on Friday.

Due to inclement weather, Wickremesinghe, accompanied by an eight-member team, had to travel by road from Mangalore International Airport. The entourage was accorded a grand welcome on the Mookambika temple premises by Udupi Deputy Commissioner Hephsiba Rani Korlapati, SP Nisha James, officials and temple representatives.

Wickremesinghe and his wife Maitree reached Kollur at 11.10 am and were whisked to the RNS Guest House. He later arrived at the temple at 11.30 am and took part in the religious rituals held inside the temple. Maitree is said to be the devotee of the Goddess.

Later the temple’s chief priest Dr K N Narasimha Adiga, under whose guidance the Homa was performed, told media persons that the Sri Lankan premier performed the ‘Nava Chandi Homa’. The Homa had begun on Thursday at 8 am and the ‘Purnahuti’ (end of Homa) was performed at 12 pm on Friday.

He offered ‘Mahapooje’ to the Goddess after participating in Purnahuti. “The Sri Lankan prime minister prayed for the welfare of his people in his country. He also prayed for peace and prosperity of the country. He also prayed for a better political future. He promised to visit the temple again after some time,” Dr Adiga said.

The couple participated in the ‘Rathothsava’. An ‘Archane’ in the name of the couple was also performed. Dr Adiga said Kollur Mookambika temple and Shankari Devi shrine in Sri Lanka are parts of Shakthi Peeta. “Both are essential parts of the Mukhya Peeta. Both the Peetas have their own significance. Both India and Sri Lanka share a bonding since the times of Ramayan,” he added.

Wickremesinghe was also accompanied by PSO Ashoka Yathigamana, Sargent PMSD, Sunil Ratnayake, Physicist Dr Sanka Gunavardhane, Deputy High commissioners from Chennai V Krishnamurthy and Yasontha D’Silva. The couple was at the temple for an hour and were served delicious Prasadam at the guest house.

Temple president and managing trustee Vadamballi Jayaram Shetty said the Wickremesinghe and his wife received the ‘Darshan’ of Goddess. The couple took part in Mahamangalarati and also prayed for the academical success of their children, he said.

The couple left the temple immediately after the Pooja and after staying at the guest house for some time. They departed at 2 pm. Enroute Wickremesinghe boarded a helicopter at Areshiroor and proceeded to Kasargod. Tight security was in place all along from the airport to Kollur and all the establishments were shut down as a precautionary measure.

Wickremesinghe had visited the temple and had participated in the ‘Shata Chandi Havana’ in November 2017, Shetty added.