Stray cattle menace on the rise in Suntikoppa

Stray cattle menace on the rise in Suntikoppa

Stray cattle on the highway near Suntikoppa.

The stray cattle treading NH 275 has reached its peak in Suntikoppa as animals coming on to busy thoroughfares cause accidents.

The most inconvenienced vehicle users happen to be two-wheeler riders.

The stray cattle could be easily found in market areas foraging on vegetable and fruit waste as well.

Such cattle have been causing inconvenience to people from Kodagarahalli to Anekadu in Suntikoppa.

Even during day time, the stray cattle are undeterred by the speeding vehicles.

They either stand on or take rest on the middle of the road, which leads to accidents.

The cattle also chase children at Kodagarahalli and Elane Hosakote while they are bound to school.

In addition, the cattle have eaten away plants on the Elane Hosakote school campus.

There have also been several instances of cattle chasing two-wheeler riders.

Owners do not keep their cattle in their backyard. Several stray cattle in Anekadu and Elane Hosakote are not owned by anyone. Residents of Kodagarahalli send the cattle to the forest for grazing and later, after milking, they are left on the road.

Loss for vendors

Fruit vendor Mohammed said, “These stray cattle attack pushcarts selling fruits beside the national highway. We incur loss due to it.”

Kodagu Zilla Karmikara Mattu Chalakara Sangha founder-president Anna Sharif said, “A gaushala should be opened for stray cattle in the region.”