‘Supply water till Thumbe level reaches 4.5 m’

‘Supply water till Thumbe level reaches 4.5 m’

MLAs D Vedavyas Kamath and Dr Y Bharath Shetty speak to Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil, in Mangaluru on Tuesday.

Legislators have appealed to Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil to supply water in the city daily, till the level in Thumbe vented dam reaches 4.5 metres.

The vented dam has 5.2 metres of water at present. Water can be supplied daily till May 5 and the water rationing should be stopped, said the legislators.

A delegation of BJP leaders, led by MLAs D Vedavyas Kamath and Dr Y Bharath Shetty, met the deputy commissioner on Tuesday.

Tanker supply

Kamath said, “The supply of water to elevated areas has been disrupted, following rationing of water supply. Tankers are being used to supply in areas that face acute shortage of water.”

He added that the matter of disruption of water supply in 25 to 30% of the elevated areas since April 18 had been brought to the notice of the deputy commissioner.

He also appealed to the officer to monitor the work on removing silt from the stormwater drains.

MLA Dr Shetty said that, according to the deputy commissioner, the water in the dam will be sufficient till May 30 only if the rationing is taken up effectively.

‘No response’

Former corporators, however, complained that tankers could not be used to supply water in areas will narrow lanes. “Some of the engineers are not responding when the public calls them,” they alleged.

Speaking to the delegation, the deputy commissioner said that there is water up to two metres in the AMR dam. “The water from the AMR dam will be released to the Thumbe dam on Tuesday night. Depending on the quantity of water that reaches the Thumbe dam, a decision will be taken on continuing the rationing of water supply,” said Senthil.

“The authorities resorted to rationing to ensure that water is available till Mangaluru receives rain. If the inflow to the dam increases, then the daily supply of water will be resorted. As per the time table of rationing, the water supply will be suspended for 48 hours starting 6 pm on Wednesday,” he explained.

Discussion with people

The deputy commissioner informed the delegation that the discussion with local residents is in progress regarding storing water at 7 metres height in the dam.

“Once the water is stored at 7 metres height, then all the problems will be solved,” the officer said and added, “The work on cleaning the old borewells and wells is in progress.”