Suspension of bus services affects schoolchildren

Suspension of bus services affects schoolchildren

Schoolchildren walk to school in Sringeri.

The suspension of bus services on several routes including Halandooru, Kigga, Bukkadibailu, Koothugodu Gram Panchayat jurisdiction has inconvenienced the schoolchildren and general public. 

The timings of the private buses were beneficial for the students. Unfortunately, a majority of private buses have suspended their operation this year. 

“In spite of having a government school at Thekkooru, many had enrolled their children to English medium schools in Sringeri. Now, they are facing inconvenience in sending children to school owing to non-availability of the public transport system,” said residents. 

There are several villages en route from Sringeri to Thekooru. The residents of Marimakki, Bolloru, Atholli, Kocchavalli, Keremane, Kalkuli, Vadaginabailu, Kodathalu, Gundre, Vaikuntapura, Sunkurdi, Kalkatte are dependent on Sringeri town for major works. Without the bus facilities, they have to depend on rented vehicles to reach the village. 

Residents said, “We have submitted a memorandum to the deputy commissioner. Unfortunately, no action has been initiated so far to reintroduce bus services.” 

Nagarathna and Shobha from Vaikuntapura said, “We have to spend money to reach Sringeri. The officials should initiate measures to reintroduce bus services.”